Johnson Alice Coopers Machine Gun Guitar Reviews 5

I don't own the guitar, but back in the 80's a man built some pretty cool guitars for bands like the Stones and Alice Cooper. Remember the machine gun guitar? Well I moved to a city in Arizona and I'm good friends with the original Johnson Guitar Company Owner, before the Asians stole the name and started producing junk. If you ever want to see the guitars, you'll have to come to Yuma, Arizona. I'd like to know more about where these guitars are today since they where so rare. Ones like the Gumby guitar and Betty Boop. Thanks to all and keep rock'n!

Just wanted to clear up that there is an "Original" Johnson guitar company.

They where custom as custom gets, the West Coast Chopper of Guitars!

The Best!

Just that the Origianl Johnson Guitars are the best!

Your brother\'s cousin\'s sister\'s aunt\'s favorite friend\'s father-in-law\'s brother-in-law\'s former room mate\'s cousin\'s brother rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-18.

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