Johnson JS-800 (strat style) Reviews 5

i bought this guitar in a package along with an amp, gigbag, picks, case, strap & other guitar goodies for $160 from Mandalay Music. mine has a purty yeller finish.

I LOOOVE IT! the sound quality is awesome. this model is said to be better than a squier strat, and now i know why. it sounds freakin awesome plugged in. it has the fastest neck ive ever played on. it has some kickass tuners. the pickups really rock, with SCREAMING trebles and HOUSE-ROCKIN basses. sparkly metallic yellow finish oooooooooooh shiny! (they call it chardonnay, which i think is pretty fucking stupid cause chardonnay is a purplish color, but whatever!) and it looks really kewl with the sticker i put on it :D

well, its sorta heavy to me, mostly bcause im used to playing on a 7/8 style featherwight(no-name peice of SHIITE!) but this heavynesss surves a purpose, because it creates a really beefy(wow, thats an interesting adjective...) tone. and it took me an hour to get that annoying plastic pickguard protecting film off! why the hell to they put that on there? the pickguard is there to protect the guitar! if the pickguard cant survive 3 days of packing peanuts, then it sure as hell cant witshand some slammin'!!!!!!! but thats enough ranting. these were all minor problems.

very well made. no flaws at alll! dude, its like fender quality at a walmart guitar price!!!!!!!!

if you dont buy it i swear to god ill hunt you down, cut your heart out with a dull spoon and make you eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the eyes outside your window rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-30.

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