Johnson JS-800 Strat Reviews 5

online from paid $109

good pickups, one piece neck, rosewood fretboard, nice finish.

when I bought it it only came in three colors, now it comes in 10, including some cool translucent finishes.

good, solid body, 5 way toggle switch, two tone/one volume control, whammy bar.

for under $150, the best electric out ther

thomas thames rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-30.

I bought this unit on EBAY for $178 and it came with a Johnson Reptone 15 amp. Pretty sweet deal for the quality

The Sunburst Finish is way better then it looks in the picture. The guitar can scream and has a full sound. The pickups on this thing work awesome and it plays better then my friends squier that he payed $300 for. The control knobs and the distortion ate great. The wammy on this thing makes it scream

The only thing was the darn pick guard sticker took forever gettin off. If you really want to get picky itr could use a better set of strings. On the neck they miised a tiny spot of the stain stuff so its bare wood.

This guitar is made to last. It is heavy and durable. The itr weighs alot and can take some abuse. Im not sayin go slam it on your floor but my brother had dropped it a few times and it still looks and works the same.

I was expecting a good guitar but not one as good as i got. With a little few changes this baby is worthy of being classified with fender, and Gibson.

Chris Wiest rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-20.

I got it on Ebay for 178$ brand new with an amp.

I love its distortion that it can do. but it also has a very clear tone. I was expecting it to be very cheap and bad, but its sound is amazing.

I like everything, so no dislikes.

It is very strong and durable, with great quality sound in any effect.

THIS GUITAR ROCKS HARD. It has a wide variety of sounds, from ROCK to 60s accoustic.

Jeff Thiessen rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

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