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I'm a fairly old guy.. 53 but was a hard rock drummer and played in bands for all my younger years. Settled down to do some business in my life but never let go of music. I write, have a studio, and a collection of instruments including about 20 guitars of all types and ranges from no name to big name. I'm not a guitarist but I do lay all my own guitar parts, leads and licks.

I picked this think up on Ebay just because it caught my eye. It was very new looking and ended up selling for little. I didn't expect much but that's where the surprise is.

This Guitar looks much like any far east copy of the strat, they stamp those copies out for pennies on the dollar compared to an American Strat. They sound ok, but they always tend to lack someting. This guitar was the surprise buy of my 53 years. It was pretty nicely set up as is, but I went ahead and did a further setup and the strings are in perfect position to the neck allowing bar cords with gentle pressure and no buzzing or mutes. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up and not have to "tinker" with it. It feels better than any of my other guitars and they are all set up well. Musicians compliment even my china disposables when handed to them to play. They love the feel of them and it's all in the set-up. This guitar feels as good or better than my best, but what impressed me ws the most was the very Huge range of settings with the passive pickup controls. Frankly, It's the widest range I've heard on any of my guitars an the tonal quality is on the money. The fellow before me that said this was his favorite guitar, I understand it.

I like everything about this guitar... period! Nothing more to say.

Very well built. You won't be disappointed if yours is like mine.

This guitar appears to be an import made for Johnson. I think it's a discontinued guitar but not sure. There are still some around. If you are looking for a backup guitar or even a new one... Get it. I'll put a pic up at sometime in the future. Write me there if you buy one of these based on what I've stated. Good luck!

Paprap music rated this unit 1 on 2008-03-04.

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