Johnson JS-900 Supernova Standard Reviews 4

I found this guitar using Google. I was wanting a look-a-like Les Paul Silverburst, and the looks on this guitar didn't dissapoint. I paid only $190 shipped. This guitar surprisinly plays quite well. Good, meaty tone to it. It was well worth the $190. The neck was pretty fast, and for being under $200, it was made quite well. It's a nice alternative to some of the other Les Paul style guitars Ive played.

Looks are amazing. Nothing short of gorgeous. Classic Silverburst finish, without the greening that the classic Les Paul's have. Really stood out. Get compliments on it alot. The tone is what I was looking for. That dark meaty stadium tone that I wanted. Neck was fast, and it was built quite well.

Pickups are the only weak spot on this guitar. Plugged, this thing could be a little better. Other than that tip-top.

good quality. Everything looks and feels great. One of the nicest producd guitars Ive played under $1,000.

Clayton rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-25.

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