Johnson Les Paul 20th Anniversary Reviews 5

It's a limited edition. There are only 60 guitars of this model and they have been produced for Germany only! It has a big amount of pearl inlays! It's just beautiful!! :)

That it's made in Korea! (but that does no harm to quality and finish!)

The finish is very good. There is a mother of pearl line around the whole guitar. The neck is rosewood with very beautiful Pearl-Inlays. It has to Johnson PU humbucker with an excellent sound. With distortion this guitar sounds heavy like a metal-axe but clean it sound very bluesy and warm. The body is made of Mahagony so it's very heavy. It's playability is GREAT!! I've played a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and there is almost no difference!

You have to see and play this beautiful guitar!! You will love it...

Friso rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-15.

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