Johnson 15 Reptone Reviews 4

I am from India and I bought this amplifier for Rs.2700 from Bhargavas Musik.Thats roughly around $45 which is really affordable.

Aah there are many things about it that I like.Firstly the idea of having a carpet covering outside is really smart.The overdrive is bloody tweak!It has 3EQ knobs which are above the sub and are easily accessible.This amp ROARS for being a 15 watt creation.It has metal sheets at its edges which gives it a real rugged look.Its 6.5 inch speaker is real smart and it has another small sub but i dunno its use.The metal covering gives the sub the ultimate protection.

The power chord is too damn short.I hope they work on it.If there is too much bass then the tone comes out distorted.Thats about it I guess.

It is about 1 and a 1/2 feet tall and weighs around 15lbs.Outer covering is mad of a black coloured carpet and the sub is protected by a metal grill.3EQ knobs and overdrive button with Gain knob plus the master volume.15 watts.Chinese make.

Superb amp at an unbelieveable price.Whether you are a beginner or a pro this amps for you.With a lovely powerful sound and tone with built in overdrive,what else can anyone ask for?Great amplifier thats about it.

Sahil Sharma rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-11.

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