Johnson JM120 Marquis Guitar AMP Reviews 1

Purchase this amp at Doc's Music, Lake Charles, La. I play blues and jazz guitar and wanted a versatile amp with a wide range of sounds.

It has quite a number different amp modelings. The effects are also quite good. The amp has plenty of power through it two 12inch speakers.

It was difficult to set up. Also the different amps volumes varied greatly making it difficult to set up to use at a performance. Also the foot switch was not very good and the upgrade was very expensive.

I thought the amp was built well but I had problems with the amp from the beginning. After it sparked, smoked, and went dead I sent it back to the factory. After 3 weeks they finally returned only to have it smoke, spark, and go dead again. It is now sitting in my room taking up space. I doubt I will be successful in obtaining a refund. So far it looks like I am fighting a loosing battle. I will likely have to send it back to the factory.

I would strongly advise against purchasing this amp or for that matter any Johnson product. While it may sound great in the shop look out when you get it home. The amp does make for good fireworks but the smell afterwards is really nasty.

Otis rated this unit 1 on 2002-09-06.

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