Johnson Reptone 15 Reviews 5

i bought it over the phone from mandalay music. i dont know how much it is individually because it came in a package with a guitar, tuner, strap, picks ect. it arrived today but my guitar and other stuff didnt :(

this baby really screams for a 15w amp. i love the overdrive it has, and the non distorted channel is clear and cool! its green/black carpeed with metal reinforced edges so its really sturdy. the front edges are curved. this amp is sexy :) another cool thing is when youre playing , you can hold your hand over the speakers and feel air blowing. i think thats also pretty damn cool.

the wall outlet cord is too godamn short. thats about it.

VERY well made. johnson overlooked nothing on it. lightyears above any amp that fender could crap out.

this ampis powerful, durable, sweet lokking, and has excellent sound quality. it is perfectfor anyone, wether youve been playing for 2 days or 20 years. if you need a really good amp at shitty amp price BUY IT!!! shit, even if you dont have a guitar buy one so you can sit in your room and marvel at a wonderful mastery of electronic technology it is!! worship it!!!!!!!

Electric Shroom Baby rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-28.

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