Johnson Standard 10 watt Amplifier Reviews 3

I recieved it as a Christmas present from Brindley for 60 bucks.

It was cheap! The amp seems very powerful for only 10 watts. I can't even turn it up past 4 for the volume if I'm in my room by myself. Very easy to use. Lightweight.

Only 2 volume, treble, and bass knobs. The treble is ok, but bass doesn't seem to get any bigger after turning it past 5. And if you strum hard, it makes a breaking distorded sound.

It seems well made. It has silver plates on each corner.And has headphone and line out jack in the back.

I think that if you are just beginning guitar or you have no money this amp is great! But if you are an advance player with 100 dollars and need a 10 watt practice amp, get a crate. But for me, this is a good amp considering it was so cheap!

Brian W. rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-24.

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