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I got my jom as a first guitar on a missions trip in montomoras mexico. i didn't know anything about guitars, but when i went to the market, i told the guy i would buy the cheapest guitar that they had. I bought it for 40 Dollars.

I love this Guitar!!!!! It plays so beautifly. The only time it wouldn't stay in tune was when i first got it beause the neck was "bending" for the strings. I like the wide neck on classical guitars. it isn't the most High-Quality, but it has beatutiful sound to it.

The only thing i dont like about this guitar is that the pain and stuff chips very easily.

its alltogether a wonder full guitar, and i would recommend this guitar to beguinners because they a rather inexpensive incase u dont like playing your Guitorista!!

if you wanna argue, or wanna see my wonderful guitar, email me at:

Stevee Watts rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-30.

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