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My dad was stupid enuff to get conned into buying this at a mexican equivalent of wal-mart, where he was told that it was made by the finest guitar maker in mexico. I think he payed close to 30 dollars for it, im not sure tho. haf to make this hard dont u? Its a good flyswatter, the strings are easy to press down (duh, im kinda running out here, sorry) and..uh.....i guess thats it

the neck is as big around as a metro bus, the frets seem to be made out of some type of cheap metal close to pencil lead, the tuners died after i started playing it and i had to replace em, the neck is as straight as a circle, and somehow the strings keep working themselves out of the bridge.

What quality? the whole thing is made out of like not even plywood, its more like roofing material. did i mention that there are NO harmonics? Dont think that i dont know what im talking about, im a guitar person i also own a martin acoustic steel string and a gibson electric with a marshall me i noe crap when i c it, and i LIVE with this crap.

If i could rate this thing a 0 or negative number i gladly would, but that not an option here.

gutiarmonkey rated this unit 1 on 2002-06-28.

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