Jose Ramirez 2CWE Reviews 5

I was advised by a pro to play the most expensive nylon guitars at Guitar Center-(the ones in the locked glass cases) that had the sound I love, then find the affordable guitar that sounded close. The $8000+ Ramirez knocked me out of the room. I tried the Cordobas, the Taylors, etc. When I played the E series Ramirez ($2575 list, $1900+ tag) I couldn't believe my ears. They couldn't easily sell it because it had a scratch. I was the kinda guy who could live with that, so they let it out the door for $1500.

The Rosewood body and spruce top are drop dead gorgeous. The cutaway gives you access to the higher notes, and the onboard Fishman pickup is adjustable and perfect for the instrument. The sound is so clean, perfect, and brilliant, I've seldom heard it's equal. The tuners are flawless and the tuning don't budge!

I like everything about this instrument-EVERYTHING.

Beautiful rosewood back and sides, spruce top, comfortable frets, dead on tuners, and a matched adjustable Fishman dual pickup.

For recording, this distinctive sound will get you oticed. On stage-the guitar's got looks. No guitar I've ever owned sounds this clean and vibrant. I'll keep this Ramirez forever.

Jason Randal rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-16.

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