KRK Rokit Powered 6 Generation 2 Monitors Reviews 4

I'm primarily a bassist and enjoy laying down tight lines and recording over top of them. I play a little bit of everything else too, but just enough to be dangerous. I've been playing for about 20 years now, I guess. Started in high school. I like a lot of jazz, but still like to pound out old metal and rock tunes. Why think if you don't have to!

These monitors were purchased used off Craigslist from a one time owner. I think the guy said he paid about $200 a piece for them, and only had them for about 6 months before selling them to me. He had the receipt and everything to prove it, and he did a sound demo for me when I came to his house. I paid $300 for them both, so I saved about $200 off the brand new price. They were in great condition and sounded great.

The look! They're a bright laquered red so they're pretty sharp next to the rest of my equipment which is basically, well mostly black and silver. That's not the best feature though. These puppies are all about sound, sound, sound. Rokit makes one hell of a monitor and the six inch woofer and one inch tweeter are amazing crisp with about a hundred watts running through them. They look good and sound good, so that's why I bought them.

I don't know. Maybe that the red is only a limited edition? I like em..

Seem pretty tough, but I haven't thrown darts at them yet and my kids have yet to sneak into my office/studio and try and destroy anything. After having owned them for 6 months, the guy I bought them from kept them in great shape so they look and sound fantastic. What a deal!

Great deal for the price. I think new these are about two hundred a piece, but it was an incredible stroke of luck that I was able to find them for this price. Call me lucky, but I love them and not just for how they look.

New KRK Fan rated this unit 4 on 2009-11-02.

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