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My instrument is a spruce-top U Bass 2, a second-generation model that shaves a couple hundred dollars off the price of the original U Bass, which uses more exotic woods. My model uses woods more commonly found in acoustic guitars — solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and a solid mahogany neck. The incredible sound is produced by proprietary black polyurethane strings and amplified by a passive pickup system with four individual piezo elements wired to an endpin jack. There are no volume or tone controls. Heavy, nicely geared custom die cast tuners complete the package. Body and neck have a satin finish, and the back of the neck is smooth and comfortable. The spruce U Bass also ships with a nicely padded gigbag. (An acacia-wood model is also available with hard foam case for about $180 more). Both models also are available in fretted or fretless. Since I already have an EUB and a fretless, I chose fretted. I also figured that with a 20-inch scale, I’d have a better shot at playing in tune if I had frets.

Acquired from Road Toad Music. $400, including gigbag. $20 shipping


The U Bass is fun and very easy to play. Despite its size, it puts out a ton of bottom end and can approach upright sound wit the right technique and EQ.

No complaints. It's well made and sound great. Lifetime warranty on the instruments and 1 year on tuners and piezo elements.

Fit and finish is excellent: fret leveling is fine and there were no sharp fret ends. Body and neck have a satin finish, and the back of the neck is smooth and comfortable.

Small in size but heavy in tone, the Kala U Bass 2 is a solid, professional instrument that offers a variety of sounds, from upright depth to solidbody punch. While it may not replace a standard bass in metal or heavy rock bands, the U Bass would be right at home in reggae, folk, country, bluegrass and even jazz — in short, anywhere an upright bass is welcome. With judicious use of EQ, it can also hold its own in soul and light rock settings. Weighing less than 5 pounds and able to fit easily into an airline overhead compartment, it may be the “next small thing” for traveling upright players.

Laklander rated this unit 5 on 2010-11-27.

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