Kona KES1BLT Reviews 4

This is a cool little blue strat style guitar. I really like that it has a built-in tuner. It sounds and plays great! It came equipped with a set of 9-46 gauge strings, I believe, Which is perfect for this guitar. I adjusted the springs on the whammy (tighter on the low end, looser on the top to give a more even string tension) I think this set up help with stability of tuning. Overall, I really like it. I am a guitarist of 40 years or so. I have played professionally on and off for the last 20 years. I spent a period of about 10 years as a full-time touring musician beginning around 1995. I love all kinds of music

I purchased this guitar online from MusiciansdDiscountClub.com for about $130. I bought it for my son. It's a great little guitar.


I like the guitar really well. It plays great and sounds good too.

Nothing bad to say really. For the money it plays good and feels good, too.

The construction of the guitar was good. It has an alder body which produces a nice tone.

Overall the product does a nice job, no complaints. The company I bought it from was nice in that they sent me emails to let me know they had received the order and when it was being shipped. It was a very nice experience.

Jack L rated this unit 4 on 2010-07-06.

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