Kramer Ferrington 6 string Reviews 4

Bought my Kramer Ferrington acoustic guitar used in 1994 at a Phoenix-AZ used guitar shop that has since gone out of business. Price was $280. There was a slight crunch damage to the wood/plastic bridge, but I tried it out at the shop and it had no effect on the sound, playability, or string positioning, so I offered $225 and took it home.

Pros: The Beautiful design. The fact that it is much smaller than "regular" acoustic guitars. The electric guitar style neck which suits me perfectly as I have small hands and acoustics in general have wide necks. The adjustable metal rod in the neck to counteract/fix any bowing. Great sound, even unplugged. It has great resonance for harmonics (probably a result from E. Van Halen's influence/input in the design concept). Sounds great even with distortion hard rock type effects, which made me end up not buying a full electric (my innitial plan was to buy an accoustic and an electric). So I use the same guitar for heavy and accoustic sounds. Its a very versatile guitar, no doubt.

Cons: The pickup 9v battery is akwardly placed inside the guitar's sound box in a way that it can only be changed by loosening 4-5 strings to get to it... Very annoying. On the bridge, the strings rest on 6 small individual plastic pieces that can be easily lost if not careful, when changing strings. Since Kramer is no longer in business, any lost pieces may be hard to replace. The plug connector has a tendency to losen up from playing vibration and needs to be screwed in often. It seems to be impossible to strap this guitar. It has a strap knob at the bottom, but no other to hook the other end of the strap. I have tried tiying the strap to the end of the neck but the strap gets in the way of playing some chords. I dont pay gigs or professionally, so the strap is no big deal - I just play sitting down. All these negative points are not enough to affect my positive overall opinion of this guitar. It is perfect for my sound, style and needs.

The instrument seems to be very well constructed. It seemed to have suffered some abuse from the first owner(s?), but still stands strong, plays well, and looks great. I would assume this guitar must be now (in 2002) about 15 years old, and has been with me for 8 years. It should last forever.

I have no plans or need to buy a different guitar. With the aid of my effects box, the Kramer Ferrington allows me to play anything from folk acoustic, to metal and everything in between. On the 1-5 scale I have to give it a 4 because of the annoying functionality design flaws I mentioned.

C.C. Filho rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-26.

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