Kustom KBA100 Bass Amplifier Reviews 4

I ordered the KBA100 directly from the Kustom factory itself having paid only wholesale for it because I have a friend with a music retail business which is always a plus. The retail of this amplifier is $599 but since I only paid $300 I would have to call my purchase a steal. I needed an amplifier that would get me through those well sized gigs keeping up with those guitar stacks and after testing many amps that my friend had for sale I decided to go with the KBA100.

This Amplifier comes complete with 8 preset digital effects which is always a plus. The tone can be adjusted by it's 6 (63db-5kdb) control knobs and gain adjustment. There is a frequency setting to perfect the tone and a gain setting to spice the sound up just right. With all the settings and digital preset effects this amplifier seems complicated but if you touch the right tune you will be very satisfied. The other plus on this amplifier is the 3 Cond. XLR Output jack for recording and gig microphones. Other input and output plugs include a guitar input, a CD/Tape input, an effects in/output, a footswitch input, and an external speaker output. I liked the overload light that came on the preamp section of the amplifier to tell you when your gain was overriding your volume and damaging your amp.

I didn't have many problems with this unit as it is a good amplifier for the price. One problem I had with it is that it did not include a footswitch like most amps with preset effects or channels do include. It is very hasseling having to walk back to your amp during a gig to change the effect and level you want for the next song and also prevents you from changing effects during a song. If you're willing to buy a footswitch to go with this amp then you should be greatly satisfied. The second and last problem I had with this amp is that the effects did not operate at a low gain and low volume.

This amplifier has top side adjustment rack which is better for those who don't want to bend over to adjust the changes needed. This unit weighs 69 pounds (30.1 kg.) with handles on each side. I would suggest purchasing wheels for it because it doesn't get hasseling to keep lift it. The digital effects include a lite chorus 1, lite chorus 2, medium chorus, heavy chorus, flange 1, flange 2, slapback, and an echo. The amp lets you know the power is on by it's huge jewel light. The mesh cover hides a Celeston 15" speaker that can handle the pump that this MOS-FET Transistor amp puts out. The dimensions of this amp are 24"x14.6"x17.5" or 61.1x37x44.5cm.

The KBA100 is a good amp and I would suggest it if you were looking to head into the studio or play medium size gigs. It is a little too big for just a single person practice but perfect for a band or group session. I would really rate this amp with a 4.5 but since it isn't available I'll settle for the 4 side. This amp isn't perfect and is not very popular but I think Kustom will boost if they make more quality products like this one. I hope you enjoyed my review and hopefully it will help you make a good decision on purchasing your next bass amplifier. You can check out Kustom amps at www.kustom.com and if you want to know anything that I may have failed to mention in this review you can email me at jake2003@clds.net. Thanks, Jake Herrington.

Jake Herrington rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-01.

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