Lab Series L5 2X12 Gibson Reviews 5

The Lab Series L5 was a Christmas gift given to me by my parents in 1981. Gibson manufactured the Lab Series to be used in the studio; it was the beginning of the amp "modeling." BB King currently uses this exact amp when playing in concert, imagine that!

Crisp clear clean channels, which do not feed back with high volumes. The four guitar jacks are based on the pick-up out-put of the guitar. If using a high out-put pick-up, use the jack marked "high," and vice-versa for a low out-put guitar (this feature brings about an equality of sound for studio recording.) Playing a high out-put guitar in the "low" jack could hurt the amp, kapish? The amp was designed to compensate for any guitar And, the L5 has a wonderful built in compresser; when used with your overdrive/distortion effects pedal will create a beautiful sustain. Durable amp, versitle clean sounds, wet reverb. Be well and Keep rock'n!

The solid state distortion sounds...solid state. Heavy...if you tour...bring a dolly.

Excellent construction, heavy materials, wheels to roll the amp, high quality craftsmanship.

Excellent amp for clean sounds, versitle, and for its day, flexible.

Bernie Johnson rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-17.

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