Lado Hawk Reviews 4

I aquired this guitar through a trade when I was getting bored with some of my gear. This came along and I took it for a REAL STEAL at about $200 CND.

Lado has put together an affordable instrument with an awesome finish and craftsmanship, great playability, and sound capabilities varying enough to suit most tastes. The stock humbuckers in this guitar can swoop from Angus Young or Jimmy Page-like crunch to satiny smooth tone-rich vibes either clean or overdriven.

The stock tuners leave a bit to be desired. Although they aren't really bad, they have been annoying enough at times for me to put it away for one of my other guitars.

This guitar, bottom line, is well crafted. From the finish to the attention to detail in the fretboard inlays, it is both a show piece and a musician's instrument.

Great bang for the buck! These guitars (any Lado I've ever seen) are worth far more than they generally go for - and this is no exception.

srisser rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-24.

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