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I bought this blonde beauty for DKr.7,800 (about 624 GBP)in December 2001 at "lars Green Musik" in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had had my sights set on a cheaper Larivee for about DKr.3500 (about £290) but when the salesman put this peach into my hands it was love at first sight! I couldn´t afford to buy it, yet I couldn´t afford not to. What really got me hooked was the fact that he let me try his most expensive Larivee (DKr.25.000 - about £2000) but I just thought the Landola was better. Forget the pearl inlay and the famous name, in the end for me, its the sound that counts!

The playing action is quite incredible. She´s easy on the fingers, and even though the strings are quite close to the fretboard she´s firm and crisp yet completely buzzfree (take note Larivee with your "buzzy" £2000 star!). When playing her softly, she still retains a superb clear richness of sound and depth. I must admit I´m one of those guys who´s a psychotic tuner - you know the type, like a motor mechanic who can always hear noises in his car - I´m never satisfied. Well, my baby is pitch-perfect all the way up the fretboard, which means that I don´t have to forever retune it, even when changing the position of the capo. It´s like being cured of a debilitating illness.

Nothing at all, and I mean it!

First of all she looks different from other guitars. Her back and sides are constructed of ash which looks like light brown marble, and she has a cream beechwood front. Her belly is quite oversized which I didn´t notice until later when she wouldn´t fit into my 12-string jumbos hardcase). When tuning, the keys turn easily and positively (which is almost a shame now that I´m cured of my "tune-a-phobia"). In fact everything about her exudes quality without pomp and flash, typical of Finnish culture and craftsmanship.

Every time I take her out of her (soft) case everyone says "Wow"! When I play her, they say "fantastic"! I find I can´t leave her alone, as she´s one girlfriend I´ll never leave!

Royster rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-27.

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