Laney HCMB 65 Watt Reviews 4

I like the size of its fairly compact. Also has a nice BIG 12 Incher (celestion speaker) With Gain compresser you can get a nice metal sound from it. ALso with a tweak of the knobs you can get a nice funky sound (i.e chilis/punky)

I dont like the lack of controls you are limted also the lack of a footswitch for the distortion can be anoying but and investment in a pedal you'll be fine

Excellent while moving it the other day i caught the door frame which did no damage to the amp butmade a mess of the door frame. The kickproof grill its solid. Not had one bit of trouble

I like this amp alot. Its well bulit outstanding value compared to the over priced marshalls. The only down side is lack of foot switch

rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-29.

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