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New, Australia, $450 AUD.

I finally decided to pick up an electric, and I couldn't have been happier with what I picked up and at such a bargain price. The Les Paul copy is nicer looking than any other Epiphone of the same price and plays nicer too. The Treble, Rhythm and Mid-range is awesome, put it through some distortion and it's still a player. When you pick it up, it just seems to fit with you, or at least with me. Beautiful guitar and beautiful to play.

The first one I got had some not so tightly screwed screws, and eventually the something went wrong inside (maybe the wiring) and the treble didn't work. Plus the strings kept breaking, the point near the bottom where they hold on was way to sharp, even after some sanding down, and the higher strings broke very often (about weekly). But I got it replaced and nothings gone wrong since, infact the one I got it replaced had all the screws screwed in properly and I haven't broken a string since (over 3 months).

The actually look of the guitar seems to have been taken with great care, everything is neat and lined up perfectly, with gold outlays and everything, it's beautiful. It was dissapointing to find some screws not screwed in properly but with the replacement things were fine, I think I was just unlucky.

It's a great guitar, apart from some quarrel at the beginning, it's a great cheap guitar, better than quite a few guitars at twice (or more) the price..

sheeps rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-26.

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