Logitech Z313 Reviews 5

Alright, so this is marketed at a 'computer speaker' and not for recording, but I like to A/B my final mixes on what the consumer will hear it on. This set comes with 2 speakers a sub woofer and a volume control pad. These are great for listening back to your own recordings as well as a clear sound to hear songs you are trying to learn.

I bought these at Best Buy. They are available through most major electronics stores. This speaker setup is only $40. I can't suggest it enough for standard listening applications.

The speakers are small and fit on my desktop. The sub is a bit bulky but fills a small room nicely with bass. 25 watts seems to be enough power. I have never needed to crank these more than halfway.

My only concern is the subwoofer driver faces down and it unprotected without a grill of some sort. I'm not the neatest person in the world so some days my desk is full of junk and well a little protection for the raw speaker would put me more at ease.

Well built and compact. I have dropped these numerous times from being clumsy. They seemed to have taken the abuse so far. I have about 12 months and well over 300 hours worth of listening under these speakers.

Great sounding, compact powered speakers that will sound amazing for most any basic listening application. Treat yourself by hearing the whole frequency spectrum.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-01-16.

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