Lotus DL 200 Reviews 4

I got this bass from my friend at no cost, but he paid 500 dollars (American) for it. It's a discontinued model that you could only find in a secondhand or vintage store.

I didn't have the oppertunity to play the bass when it was new, so the frets are worn down and the tone has decreased some, but the unit is still in great shape considering the amount of use it has been through. It's built like a tank.

It seems really bulky and VERY heavy compared to today's basses, but overall its great.

SOLID! heavy as all hell but its what you get with a solid bass.

If you see this bass anywhere,i suggest buying it. Remember, it'll only be at secondhand stores. No buyin this thing new.

OWA for life rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-09.

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