Mansfield 684 12 String Gibson Hummingbird Copy Reviews 5

I've been playing for my own enjoyment for over 40 years. My first guitar was an old tiger striped archtop that was murder to play. When I was around 14 I got a Framus which had a arched back, a bolt on mahogany neck and a flat top. My first love is blues although I do play an lot of rock and country as well.

I bought the 12 string with my first paycheque when I finished college. I got it at Hatton's Music in Regina Saskatchewan Canada in 1972. It was the best buy I have made. I paid around $250 Canadian including the hard case. I was making $356 a month back then so I don't know how I paid the rent that month. Last year I was fortunate to buy a Mansfield 6 string dove model from a friend (see this review)

This guitar is the best sounding 12 string I have EVER heard and I have played almost every brand I can find in the music stores. In the 33 years I have owned it I have only had it professionally set up once. It plays easier that the various 6 strings I have and is a fine looking piece of art.

My only regret is that I took it for granted and let it get too cold and brought it out of the case too soon and allowed the finish to check.

This unit has a solid spruce top with mahogany sides, back and neck Ivoroid binding at top, bottom and neck. And trapizoid inlay markers in the finger board. A standard peg bridge with adjustable saddle.

This guitar was made by hoshino gakki of Japan and was called an Ibanez in the US. It is one on the "lawsuit" models.

Joe in Regina rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-14.

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