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See my review of the Mansfield 12 string

I bought this guitar in 2004 from a friend I have known for 30 years. He had it in his basement and hadn't played it since his college days. He plays bass. I paid $75.00 Canadian.

I have had the Mansfield 12 string Hummingbird since 1972. This guitar was made at the same time. The Dove pickguard is mint as is everything else except the top by the neck where his son beat on it with something. It has good projection and attack. It is easy enough to play but for some reason I find it more work than the 12 string although the set up is about the same.

It's got good playability but somehow it just seems to be more work than my other guitars. My son loves it so I guess its just something I have to get used to.

Look at a Gibson Dove and this is what you have - solid spruce top. Rosewood back and sides - neck too (I think). Ivoroid binding on top, bottom and neck. Moustache adjustable bridge. Trapizoid inlays on neck. I have played to "real" Dove and find the playability, and construction almost identical.

I tend to like to play electric 6 string as opposed to the acoustic I have a juiced up Yamaha and play my son's Hamer USA les paul. I bought this guitar as the price was right and it was cool to have a match with my main pet - the Mansfield 12 string. I gave a Yamaha acoustic to my son when I got this and I would rate it better as far as playability goes but no where near as nice to look at. If I had the bucks would I buy a real Gibson? No. I would buy a Taylor or a Martin.

Joe from Regina Saskatchewan rated this unit 4 on 2005-09-14.

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