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I've been playing 6 string guitar with some friends for about 10 yrs now, mostly old rock and blues.

but I bought this bass guitar in a pawnshop about a year ago and it took me another 6 months before I found the time to replace the pickups and pots. Once I got it wailing I let a few bass playing friends of mine give it a try and a lookover. It's a sunburst Precision copy from Japan, and the reason I bought it was because of its exceptional condition; the neck is like brand new!

I have been having a lot of fun trying to learn bass, and I love the sound of this beast. It doesn't require much to get a clear note out of her and its simple one volume one tone setup works well for me.

My only beef is gettin used to the weight. But other than that, I give it two big thumbs up.

It must have been a showstopper new because the quality of the finish is evident and would do an american 60's vintage Fender P Bass proud. The maple neck is perfect and the hardware topnotch.

It was an impulse buy, but one that worked out for me. I'M learning a new instrument and having fun doing it. I going to wait to see if I really like bass, and if I do, I might consider an acoustic model. Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know if you find anything at all about these guitars give me a holler! KEEP YOUR STICK ON THE ICE!

JACQUES rated this unit 1 on 2006-04-07.

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