Mapex Orion Classic Birdseye Maple TBE6225 Reviews 5

I bought this 6 piece set at for $2,800. It cost a pretty penny but was worth it.

THE DRUMS: NOTHING! THE HARDWARE: Though it's better to have the ball in socket tilter than to have a regular gear tilter, they take some strength to tighten. THE FINISH: NOTHING!

The drums have great construction, which is why they sound so good, as well as because of all the technology on the drums. The stands are really built to last. Overall, everything about the the quality and construction of the drums are great

THESE DRUMS ARE PERFECT! They are great for any style, especially rock. I would recommend these drums to anyone who is shopping for a high-end kit. They can match any kit by DW, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, and any other drums made by any other brand!

rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-14.

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