Marshall Guv'nor GV-2 Plus Reviews 5

I originally had a brand new DOD grunge pedal I got off ebay and I traded it for this used Marshall. The grunge pedal was valued at $75 cdn at Long & Mcquade. The Marshall was $70 used at the same store. I got the sales guy to throw in a 10 ft apex patch cord to make up the $5 difference and we traded pedals. The grunge pedal was horrible to me (see future review) and I needed something a little less fuzzzzzzzzzzzy.

Looks great and looks tough; pewter/silver colored body with gold hardware. I liked the fact that even though it looks like there are only four knobs, there really are six. This was a great surprise to me when i got it home because i thought the pedal was only Gain/Bass/Treble/Volume but then i realized there was a "deep" and "mid" knob as well. (To know what i mean you have to see the pedal) The "deep" option is my favorite part about the pedal. It gives a great deep sound to you playing without overdosing on the bass - besides thats what the bass knob is for DUHHHH. Coupled with high gain and it sounds even better. Another thing I like about this pedal is that I can acheive only a small ammount of distortion if needed, unlike other Ibanez and DOD pedals I have tried where it seems like an almost "all or nothing" distortion choice between level one and off (at least with stomp box and grunge pedals I tried.) MAKES YOUR AMP REAL LOUD TOO! Marshall says its like adding another amp to your rig - I think another amp may be pushing it, but it definatly is loud let me tell ya. Lastely to those of you who are crazy and jump all over your pedals: You'll be happy to know that the Marshall pedals are designed in such a way where the eq knobs are located below the stepping surface meaning that if you miss and step and little ahead of the on/off stomp switch you wont crush your eq knobs - yaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Unit - considering that there are technically six knobs on this pedal I wont complain to much about the fact that the switches can sometimes be a pain to adjust. Booklet - Could have instructions or notes to let new users know about the two extra knobs (or mabye its just me and I was tired over looked them when testing it for the first time) I did like the suggested eq settings because it was cool for learing to use the pedal.

I whipped this thing across the room against a brick wall and nothing happened! ok im lying, but it looks and feels so dam sturdy that I think I could do that! Not to mention it looks like a little tank. As a used product I can never say for sure how good the quality was from new. Hell, I dont even know how the previous owner treated the pedal (mabye he threw it across the room at a brick wall - who knows?) All I know is that my stop buttom could feel smoother and my bass know could rotate a bit smoother as well.

Great pedal - I love it It produces great crunch and distortion without getting to fuzzy. You have lots of eq's to play with to make different sounds and the "loud" knob is awsome (I hear especially for Metallica style songs.) For the price I would definaly recommend it because your getting alot of versatility out of a single stop box pedal. Plus we shouldn't forget its MARSHALL - hard to go wrong with them!

slipmatt rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-07.

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