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Hi there, I had a Marshall Shredmaster pedal in the early-mid 90s, and I liked that sound and how rugged the construction was, so when I logged onto the Marshall site, I kind of got the urge. I'm not sure where I'll be in a few months so I can't justify buying an amp, so I thought I'd settle for something that goes ok with a borrowed amp, without having to figure it out each time. Also, I've just done some studio-work with my band and my mate's Boss OD-2 sounded just ike a really nice pedal, but not an amp at all, so I felt I had to do something. I ordered from my local music store in Japan and it cost \10,000 which is about 50 pounds. Not bad at all for half-way round the world as a special order from their supplier in Tokyo. It took about 2 weeks.

As everyone else is saying, this is built to last. I've had a few Marshall products and they've all been great. It's crazy how a company can have so much respect and be so successful with basically one product. Everyone who buys a Marshall wants the same sound as everyone else at the price they can afford, whether its a micro-amp (cute) or the new superduper 350W monster Group 4. This is solid steel, looks great and weighs more than half a kilo. Simple to set up with oodles of gain and volume and four-way EQing. You're not going to be worrying about this thing, unless there's beer in the equation (and let's face it, there usually is). It may be simple to set up but it takes a while to understand just how your amp deals with it. I had a rehearsal a couple of days ago through a fender 1X12 Concert (no idea the wattage but its loud enough at 4 to play a bar with 100 people in it...on the clean channel) and with the "deep" set up full, the Celestion speaker couldn't handle it. You need a capable set of speakers to fully give you the cabinet thunk. As for the increased output in the volume control, its mad. I played rythm as rocky as any Fender amp (except for the Pro 185 which was a monster) could be expected to give you, with the gain and volume of the pedal both at 2! This was without any compression. Putting the gain up full resulting in a new and sureal experience for me:- my amp started singing to me. Standing a few feet away, and playing with the tremelo (I've got a Pacifica) resulted in spontaneous feedback at two or three harmonic resonances that faded and came up depending on where I stood, but not in the usually annoying way. This was weird, totally musical and sympathetic. I even got chords spontaneously arising without touching the strings. It was beautiful and a first for me in over 16 years. This has both the beauty and the raggedness of valves to the sound. I can't imagine anyone who would even consider buying a Marshall product, not liking this pedal.


Any more rugged would be taking the mickey.

If you want a distortion pedal and you like Marshall, buy this. This really is very close to having another amp. You can even turn the gain right down, turn the volume up and get a clipped, slightly copmressed jazzy sound which is very pleasant and makes my Pacifica sound like a 335- honest.

Steve from Glasgow rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-23.

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