Maverick F1 Reviews 5

Firstly this guitar looks great, it has rollers instead of tone and volume 'knobs' (unique to maverick-and a great idea). Its light weighted and feels powerful in your hands. It comes with a liscensed floyd rose tremalo system. The guitar never goes out of tune, well not in my experience. It is also suited to many different styles of music-it can play both metal with an awesome crunch and also lighter rock, Satriani style. Also a very durable guitar. It came with a very low action as well so you can easily play fast. The neck too is amazing, very thin and fits your hand well, very nice!

There is only one minor complaint that I have about this guitar-and that is the position of the pickup selector switch. Occasionally when playing you might knock the selector and change which pickups are being used. its only a minor problem, but when you are playing live in gigs then the sounds difference will be noticed.

As mentioned above, the guitar is very durable, its put together well and I have had no problems with it since buying.

Basically this guitar is awesome, its far better than any guitar around its price range. Easily better than a high end Ibanez in my opinion or a middle range ESP. But having said that it depends what you are after. The great thing about this guitar is that it will suit anyones playing style and I recomend this to anyone!

Sam White rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-26.

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