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I bought this guitar over a year ago for 450 when the company was still establishing itself, I'm told its one of the first 100 ever made. I had been looking for a schecter or an Ibanez but this had and interesting design that begged to be tested.

This guitar realy is something special. The design work makes it stand out just for sheer sexy looks but underneath that this guitar is built very much with player accessability in mind. The neck is the thinnest I have found on any guitar (if a tiny bit wider to compensate). The two over wound humbuckers produce a beautiful sound either playing clean or distorted and even the swticher itself is postition convientantly to the front of the guitar to you can flick it mid strum with minimal effort. The volume and tone controls not only look amazing (because of a design feature by which they are side mounted 'rollers' built into the body of the guitar, giving it a very streamlined look) but also add an extra feature to player comfort and control. They may seem odd to someone new to the design but after a few hours of playing with them youll wonder how you ever managed without. it also is one of the lightest guitars Ive ever picked up and is wonderfully weighted.

A third single coil pick up between the humbuckers wouldn't go amiss, but I'm assured this is on the new F3 model.

I'n a word great. However I have owned two of these, one with a trem and one without and both have had a problemw ith the tonal switcher, however it was a five minute fixing job, so nothing major.

Never be afriad to try a smaller company. This guitar is proof that running with the little guy can pay off. Its tone is great and versatile, its well weighted and impressively designed. it also has a certain power or tonal depth that is simply missing from Schecter guitars and Similarly priced Ibanez models. This is quite simply one of the best guitars you can buy for around 500

Jester rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-26.

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