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I love everything about this guitar. It's the right weight, feel, construction and looks amazing.

Fret board - immaculate and fast. It's the fasted fret board I've played on (I got River Music in Grimsby to do a setup after it arrived because the guys I bought it from probably puked at the price it went for and refused to do a setup) and I've played Fender Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, BC Rich etc etc and (for me) it's not what I'd say "better" - but more of a guitar that just does what you want it to do - no matter how you play it(I play funk/rock/metal). The trem has never put the guitar out of tune - even by a fervent "wanging" by a four year old when I wasn't looking. Works perfect and never let me down. As for how it looks - mine is a semi transparent sunburst which no matter how hard I look - is completely flawless. No crackles, pops or hisses. I even took off the back plates to look at the wiring and there are tie wraps round the cables and really tidy soldering.

Fluffy rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-01.

the pickups sound a bit "muddy"....they dont quite wail like i wud want them to....floyd rose is a pain to restring and tune (floyd rose's fault not mavericks)

since i bought this guitar i have had no problems with the build quality save for a screw breaking one the floyd rose twice....maybe i was doing it too tight?! but that is once again not mavericks fault

Prune Of Doom rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-25.

only real flaw i have with this guitar is ive always had set-necks which although this feels better to play doesnt look as nice from the back [im just trying to put something negative but its hard to find] the pick-up selector switch can be knocked but i normally have it on the bridge pu anyway so i dont care and ive been used to fixed bridges so ive had to modify my playing style a bit

the bolt on neck feels more solid then the two set neck guitars ive owned, the finish is immaculate and very effective with a few curves on the body to make it stand out but not BC Rich stylee. im very carefull with guitars so i aint dropped it but i think it could take a hammering and just an allround quality feel

Tanny rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-05.

Mavericks tend to shy away from 'extreme' styling, but they do have a unique appearance which sets them apart without turning them into B.C. Rich type affairs. The Evolution control system (two rollers set into the body of the guitar to control volume and tone) sums this approach up - it's clearly different to anything else but isn't over the top. So in sheer terms of style the guitar won me over (and I still give it an admiring glance every time I pick it up). Looks aside the guitar is great to play. Everything just works...the cut-away is deep enough to allow work across all strings and all frets, the trem unit is superb and the pickup selector is placed where it's useful - unlike the traditional strat-based designs it has been located beneath the neck pickup, reducing the risk of knocking it during play. I find the evo controls knock the traditional knobs into the rough...they're easier to adjust when playing (as they match the natural movment of the picking hand), less likely to get knocked out of position, and although they're not going to magically turn you into Satch or Vai little details add up...

If you're looking for a quality rock guitar without paying over-the-top prices (but without losing great looks) then the F3 is perfect. Maverick guitars, especially anything above the F1 range, should definitely be priced higher than they are - and surely they will be eventually, so get in and buy one now before they become too popular!

S. Hudson rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-01.

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