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I like this guitar a lot! The neck is a good place to start; made of AAA grade maple with a Babinga stripe, and is the thinnest, fastest production neck in the world. It has Maverick's patented 'Fret Venting' system, which means that there are holes going through the fretboard where you would usually find the inlays, it may sound strange, but it looks cool! The guitar also features a customised recessed low profile floyd rose (which will recess into the body of the guitar when used to increase string tension), locking nuts, gotoh machineheads,(so it stays in tune for ages, had it a month and not 1 string is out of tune yet!) The finish is excellent and has been said to rival a PRS in quality. Reverse headstock that gives the guitar an extra bit of attitude. Maverick are a new brand but have some great design ideas and are already making a name for themselves, I was proud to be one of the first to have a Maverick.

Although this guitar is sheer quality, I have to say I am into unusual looking guitars, B.C. Rich or Jackson Warrior for example. This guitar's body is basically a strat-shape with some cool moulded bits and sharper cutaways, and doesn't look extreme or unusual at all. The finish quality is great, but the colours are fairly plain, I would have loved this guitar to be available in transparent colours. There are some amazing mavericks with incredible designs, but these cost double the price.

The body is made of finest American Alder. It is well balanced and features a pair of 'X-treme' humbuckers which give great sustain and overall sound. The sound of the instrument is uniquely controlled by two roller cylanders, another maverick feature, which really work well. The quality of this instrument would usually be found on a guitar costing at least $500 more than this one does.

Unrivalled quality and great unique features, and would look good on stage. Made in England baby!

rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-21.

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