Maxtone 2225VN Reviews 3

I saw this Guitar in Ebay , i contacted the guy and he sold me this for 45 USD , I owned 2 Ibanez and I wanted another guitar for rebuild.

The Vibrato ( or tremolo whatever you like ) is too high , replacing this can be better , the keys are not so tight when you try to tune , a little problem , but not so bad.

The finish is very good , has 3 single coil pickups, kind Fender , Good quality of Pickups, I didnt change anything , I will probably change the Vibrato , but for practice is good.

For 45 USD I was especting something worse , Its good for beginers , just probably try to make some changes to see how optimize and its perfect . Very Very LIGHT !!!!!

Josue Cruz rated this unit 3 on 2004-10-22.

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