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I play guitar as a second instrument but have played for over 20 years. I'm primarily a bass player and have played in numerous rock bands including a couple semi-pro bands. I'm also a song writer and the problem with bass is you can't sit down and write a song with a bass like you can with a guitar.

This guitar was given to me by someone who had to talk me into taking it. It looked like he got it from the landfill. only 2 tuners worked(with pliers), duct tape residue all over the body and pick guard,all 3 knobs missing and it had one string(acoustic) with some sort of green stuff growing on it(really). When I plugged it in an amp I got nothing but hum and hiss. Someone had wired the pick ups with their eyes closed. Burnt insulation galore, solder balls everywhere, wire leads hanging by a strand or two.

I installed some nice Goto tuners I had, removed tape residue with lighter fluid, rewired it, and so forth. It's looking real nice now and it has a real nice strat sound. The neck's a bit fat but I'm not much of a shreader so it's OK. Nice floating bridge for a cheapy and overall a decent little axe. I'm glad I took the time with it.

I wasn't able to completely loose the grounding buzz but that's how strats are (copies too). A thinner neck would be nice.

Seems sturdy enough. The neck straightened nicely. The finish is shining again.

I wouldn't use it for a Hollywood Bowl gig but maybe a keg party. I don't know what these went for new but if less than $200 I'd say it's a good value. I'm surprised how close it sounds to a real strat.

Dan rated this unit 4 on 2006-04-16.

I actually recieved this guitar from my school's jazz band department. I signed up to play in it, but they said I needed an electric. Since I was playing acoustic at the time, I took the offer of the memphis for the whole year. At the time of this review I have had it for two months.

It is truly a starters guitar. I think that in that respect, I mean, it plays okay, you can learn on it, it works. It is extremely tough, mine is circa eighties, and for a cheap guitar it still works okay.

I absolutely hate the crappy tuners, the last pickup is finicky( it will make some-no sound often), and it can go out of tune a couple times a day! AHHHHHHH! To a beginner who doesn't know what it sounds like to be in tune, than they wouldn't care. It also has the most lackluster body you will ever see. The fretboard is glazed plywood, same with the body.

IT IS SO TOUGH. Oh my god it is. The quality of workmanship is 0, but otherwise, it is tough.

Listen anyone out there, it is about on par with a squire bullet. It is your bottom of the barrel crappo guitar. But, if you're a beginner and find this for cheap, you will be fine. However, I have only been playing for 4 months, and Iv'e already succeded its abilities.

Ryan Sexton rated this unit 2 on 2003-11-29.

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