Music Man Stingray Bass 1976 Reviews 4

I like the playability and sound of it. It has a nice chunky neck which isn't too wide though, not quite baseball bat style. It has a very nice tone to it, full and fat bass and good high end, it can be middley if you dial it in on the amp, but I prefer a smoother scooped mid sound. It also cuts through the mix wiht ease, it's really punchy.

I don't like it's weight, it is far and away the heaviest bass I have ever played, wihc can be very tiring during a gig. Also the electronics can be a little dodgy at times and aren't the quietest in the world, but then again it is a 26 year old instrument.

The construction is second to none, it's 26 years old already and I expect it to last another 26 years. I have faith in it not screwing up at an inopertune moment, in any way other than a string breaking or the battery running out. It is a fine sounding instrument.

James rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-17.

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