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Include some more details about the product (color, size, finish, strings, etc.) .... It's a StingRay but just a bit different, in that it has a mahogany body and a string thru the body bridge. Other than that, all differences are cosmetic "Limited Edition" dress up stuff, which means a trans crimson finish with matching headstock. .... and then tell us a little about your history as a musician. What do you play? For how long? In a band? Musical tastes: I play in a "Diva Duo" with Ms Diva on KB & vox, and myself on bass. This means I can hear myself without getting loud, so my playing environment may be different than yours. We play 3 nites a week and I've been doing this same thing for 6 yrs [2009]. We play a mixed bag: Blooz, Ballads, B'Way etc.

This is the "30th Anniversary" model and it was still hanging unsold at the local GC past the 32nd anninversary, so I pretty much stole it, brand new. The plain basic Ray on the wall next to it cost $200 MORE than I payed for this one.

I have had this long enuf now to really feel at home with it, and while I have a coupla minor gripes, I have zero regrets about acquiring it and fully intend to verrrrry happily hang on to it ! ! This is a single PU StingRay and those have been reviewed ad nauseum. We all loooove them etc etc so this review is just in case you find one of these crimson beauties for sale used and are wondering about the differences, which are THREE, and may or may not be worth to you whatever higher price a seller may try to get for this Ltd Edition model: 1. The color is worth something, it's great, and EBMM always charges extra for a matching headstock, which usually affects the used price as well [maybe $75?]. 1B. Possible negative aspect of special color scheme: Unlike most MM basses, this has a glossy finished neck. Some players hate that. Some don't care. Some just use some steel wool to de-gloss them. it's your money and it's your bass. 2. The String Thru Body Bridge: I don't happen to like string thru anywayz, but if you do like it, or if like me you can put up with it, it's a rare hardware feature so catagorically, it's gonna cost you some extra [again maybe $75?]. 3. Mahogany body. You can definitely hear the difference. I happen to really dig 'hog body basses and this is the ONLY 'hog MM ever made ... so if you dig Rays and you dig 'hog and you happen upon one of these beasties, expect to pay for this difference as well [custom body wood options on other basses are my guide, so I'm guessing $125].

Another "feature" you pay for is a beautifully figured neck, but the deep trans crimson color almost completely hides it. Dumb. As mentioned, I don't care for string thru body type of bridges. I should emphasise that it's NOT a dual type bridge. It's ONLY for thru body stringing. Semi-dumb. Hey, I didn't even mention the overpriced Ltd Edition case. Since I was dealing with brand new retail merchandise, and since the case appeared seperately on my receipt, I simply returned the case for a [very large] refund. However, if you find a used example WITH the silly case and the seller actually BELIEVES in Ltd Editions ... or hopes that a buyer will believe ... well, OUCH !

The premise of this review is "Ltd Edition DIFFERENCES Only". OK. It's not built any better than any other EBMM bass, it's just fancier. It IS built DIFFERENTLY in that it has a mahogany body. It has the tonal characteristics of 'hog, and it's the ONLY 'hog MM ... so whatever thaz worth to you ... etc yada yada doo. And FWIW, it really DOES look sexy.

Overall, I'd say if you find a really nice used example and it's 10% or 15% more than a typical StingRay ? If you like 'hog, or trans crimson paint, or string thru bridges, or especially if you like 2 outa 3 ? Then you really oughta bag it, cuz they're not making any more. I'm assuming here that if you like 3 outa 3, then you already have one. I'm rating it at "4". I feel they should have known better than to paint the neck or to use a string-thru-ONLY type bridge. Double dumb, but not a deal breaker for me. Other than that, I cannot imagine a more desirable single PU Ray. YMMV.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2009-03-16.

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