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As some of the other reviews on here I also have had many problems with "musicians friend" - over a month ago I ordered a bcrich kkv and it got here all chipped up so I returned it. and they told ups to ship it to there warehouse. I then found out they gave ups the wrong address and then they refused to do a trace on the package, because they say it wasnt there fault. After contacting ups I found out that it was & they finally did a trace. After about 4 or 5 complaint e-mails. 3 Weeks later which is this week. I called them yet again and there suppose to have finally found the package and reshipping it to me. 4 God sakes... I just want my guitar!

Nice Site...

Everything but the site...

Yep... There constructed horribly.

If you need to "find out" what you want. Then "musicians friend" is good. But other than that there worthless. I suggest going to guitar center. "musicians friend" quite possibly has the worst service ive ever seen. and now, there ignoring my e-mails.

Anti-MusiciansFriend(ENEMY!!!) rated this unit 1 on 2003-07-08.

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