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I have ordered quite a few things from Musician's friend over the last two years, mostly just accessories like picks, mic stands, strings etc without too much trouble. There were the occasional shipping delays and they once sent the wrong item, but made good and shipped the correct item. In Early August of this year I placed an order for several items and did not receive my order for over a month and I had to make several phone calls to straighten out what items had shipped what items had not etc.They said they sent one item and in reality they had not. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I made the mistake of ordering a 4 track recorder from them and came to find out a couple of days after that The Guitar Center had the same item for $50 less. Since Musician's friend boasts that they will match any competitor's price I contacted them and requested that they honor their stated price match. They gave me the major run around, jerked my chain and refused to match The Guitar Center's price as stated in their catalog(Ironically as I later found out, Guitar Center owns Musician's Friend). I filed a report with the better business bureau and have vowed never to purchase anything from Musician's Friend(ENEMY) again. I will go with American Musical supply or any of the many other catalog stores for things I can't buy locally. Use the Musician's Friend Catalog for a reference only, don't deal with these crooks. For a measly $50 bucks they made any enemy out of a good customer.

Good Catalog

Dishonest customer service and will NOT honor price gaurentee.

Don't trust Musicians Friend! Shop at you local guitar shop

telecaster81 rated this unit 1 on 2001-11-09.

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