Nady Encore II VHF Lavalier Mic Reviews 5

I bought the Encore II LT mail order for $120. I ordered channel B (185.15 MHz) since there is no TV channel 8 in my area I bought the single channel Encore II VHF because the locations I use it in did not need the advantage of multiple UHF freqencies.

I am impressed with Nady's new Encore II over my Audio Tech VHF ATW series. One look inside the Encore II receiver shows a sophisticated RF section with A/B DigiTRU Diversity, front RF level and Audio level meters and balanced XLR in addition to the 1/4" outputs. There is a volume adjustment on both the transmitter and receiver which also has a RF mute adjustment The receiver and RF link is low noise and the Encore II doesn't suffer from any dropouts and has a good range. These advantages make the Encore II a good buy where one can use a single VHF frequency unit. The lavalier mic element has the rear openings that make it unidirectional and less prone to feedback. Nady has worked hard to produce a pro sounding unit at a sub $150 price. It even comes in a carry case!

The lavalier mic has a fair bit of treble which may sound overly crisp although this is tempered when the mic is close to the chest. The mic is a little on the big side. The receiver telescopic antennas could be easily bent out of shape if you are not careful

The unit is "Made in China", is built to reduce manufacturing cost but withstands careful use. The RF link and receiver have very little hiss or self noise and doesn't suffer from dropouts. My Audio Technica VHF unit would sometimes drop out when walking through an audience.

I will give this unit a 5 for overall value/performance. It is not intended to be in the same category as multi channel true diversity UHF units costing hundreds more.

Dave Breton rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-19.

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