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Been playing well over 20 years. Amateur, intermediate, semi-pro and Pro. In a band; originals and covers. Rock/lil' of everything.

Bought this 11/02 as Musicians Friend Blem Product for $104.39. Bought it to use as a front monitor, and also for smaller, acoustic gigs, as a main. Only have one now; will buy another one from M.F. Especially if I find another blem.

Doesn't sound bad, really. Better for mids/highs, despite the description from M.F. that "the 12" woofer kicks it hard". I have a pair of Radio Shack enclosures with 15" woofers/5" horns, and they provide better bass response than this Nady. The Radio Shacks are 100/200wts max. I usually run 150 each side. This Nady claims to handle 400 wts max. Maybe, but I only run 200 watts max myself. Average wattage rating is what these can handle, from what I've read. 400 watts would probably fry it. It's also lightweight too. Nice compact trapizoid cabinet. Handles on each side. Speaker mountable.

Well, I've had to resolder wires to the horn and speaker. Have read from other reviews that the horns fry; luckily, I've not experienced this. But won't be suprised if this happens. The horn/speaker seems cheap. Cheap enough that I might replace both. Then, would actually have a decent full range speaker. And replace the built in crossover. Hmm.

The cab construction is decent, alright. Like stated, the horn and spkr seems to be of lower quality. For now, it works. The grill, carpet covering, handles, all are good.

It'd cost more to build one's own p.a. cab, than to buy one of these, and replace the horn and spkr. these with low expectations. IF you over power it, frying something, eh, replace it. Won't cost you much. Will end up being better than stock. For what it is now, decent. For $119 new, what the heck?

Jiver rated this unit 3 on 2006-04-01.

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