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Musician friend, blems $157.+ each. Purchased one in july 2003 and second one july 2004. Purchased first one to run four stage moniters. Purchased second one for side moniter fills.

The first amp has operated as low as 2 ohms with no problems. Usually run both channels at 4 ohms with very clean results for stage moniter operations. Amp has worked so well for the price, we purchased a second one to run our side fill speakers for large venues. It comes with a three year warranty which is pretty good for the price we paid. If amp only last three years that is a $52.++ average cost per year for service. Not Bad...

Unit is Heavy. Unit needs a 19 inch deep rack to mount.

For the money hard to beat.

hu_sh rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-26.

I purchased two units at Musician's Friend for $180.00 each. I use one to power an array of speakers permanently installed in landscaping around my home 'outside stereo'. One I use for small PA. Both units are used for PA for community Ski Show.

These are rugged, heavy duty amps with massive transformers and lots of heatsink, dual speed fans keep the units cool even at high power into low impedances.

We use two of these for a local Ski Club Show PA driving multiple speaker cabinets at hign volumes. It is stable to 2 ohms and delivers clean power with no problems. We also used one in a practice environment run from a 600W power inverter from 12V car battery with no problems.

Best bang for the buck.

AnAnonymousParty rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-08.

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