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I was playing drums as a kid and now I'm picking it up again. I don't have a band but I am surrounded by music lovers like I am so something will eventually turn up. I love the beatles, but I'm aiming more for a Mars Volta kind of drum style.

Purchased at Archambault in Gatineau, Quebec for 40$. The price is the main reason I bought it and it looked pretty well built.

Very solid build. Tension springs are adjustable. Not much else to offer since it's just a single pedal.

The mallet is very far back, either you always keep a bit of pressure on the pedal or it sits on top of your foot. (no adjustments possible, I tried.)

All metal. Screws for adjusting and tightening are all "star" and "flat" heads so stripping will not happen. Mallet is made of white felt. A pin in a "V" shape with two side pins go from the heel of the pedal to the base to keep it from going from side to side or forward into the base drum. (Picture a V with the lines at the top connecting in the metal base, under where the chain is).

This is a good pedal overall. It's really a starter pedal for a cheap kit. The old one I had was terrible and the chain kept hitting the base drum. It's a good fix for now, when funds come, better pedals will too.

Paul rated this unit 5 on 2007-06-18.

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