Nikko Acoustic Electric Roundback Reviews 2

Ebay - chasesraceplace $77 plus $30 shipping. I bought this guitar for my son to learn on.

The main thing I liked about the guitar was the price. I also prefer roundback guitars and it looked 'pretty' in the photos.

The action on the guitar was REALLY high. I shaved the saddle and this has helped but I will probably need to shim the neck (yeuch!). The finnish was also poor, not really bad but it just hadn't been finished nicely.

Full sized 41 inch steel string Acoustic Electric Roundback guitar with a built in ceramic piezo under-saddle bridge pickup and passive tone and volume controls. Blue green flametop laminate finish on the top. The back and sides are constructed of an ABS plastic roundback. Adjustable truss rod, closed chrome tuners, unique multi-port sound holes, full binding, bolt on neck. OK, so the quality isn't great but for a cheap guitar its not that bad.

I should have saved my money and bought a more expensive guitar. I think that the action is so high that it will prevent my son from learning on it (its hard enough for me and I've been playing for a years). It looks OK sitting in the corner of a room and it sounds OK if you strum a couple of open chords but if you actually start to play it you find out all of its shortcomings. Bottom line - save up for something better.

Stevie D rated this unit 2 on 2005-02-04.

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