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Been playing rock guitar for over 15 years, in countless bands and played countless gigs. Bands have played rock, from the Jackson 5 to Metallica, so I've covered alot of territory. currently I play Les Pauls through Marshall, but also have many other guitars and amps and effects units.

I got it off eBay for just under $375. I thought I might have paid too much, but after getting it and playing through it, it was an absolute steal. I couldn't find much history behind the amp, so I took a chance on it, but WOW, what a great deal.

The tone is just amazing, both clean and dirty. Clean tones easily rival the '67 Fender Bassman head I used to own- very similar in character - very round, warm tone, but with tons of sparkle and spank on tap. Clean tone is way better than Marshalls. The dirty tone is also very good- here the amp actually sounds like a Marshall - tight and clear distortion, not at all muddy.

Not much to say here. It isn't the most flexible thing out there, but if that is what you want go buy a POD. I guess no reverb nor effects loop is a minus.

Built like a tank, although not the prettiest thing out there, but then again, who cares? HUGE transformers, the biggest I've seen. Most of the parts seem like cast-offs (which I have read the company used to build them). But I disn't buy this thing for it's cosmetic qualities. Aside from looks, it seems to be built very well and strong.

If you can find and get one of these, do yourself a favor and snatch it up. I'd pay $500 without regret knowing what I know today about this amp. It's certainly a hidden gem among amps.

Klaus rated this unit 5 on 2006-07-12.

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