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History: I have played mostly for myself with friends and sometimes around coffee shops for years. What Do I Play: I have always played the accoustic guitar B-20 Manik, piano, bango, but while lately getting into the blues I've kinda went a little electric and picked up a Fender Strat. Musical tastes: A little Folk, Country and Blues, with a little light/soft Rock, (such as Eagles, Seagar, etc) thrown in. Ed: About Norman Guitars: Based in La Patrie, Quebec, Canada. This guitar has S/N: B-15255 - (1970's)

How: It's kind of funny, but back in the 70's, I was at my Chiropractor, and we were making small talk regarding different types of music. He asked me about the music I like and if I played? He told his wife's family made guitars in Quebec and if I was ever interested, let him know. Why: ...well, to make a long story short, my wife bought this Norman B-20 Manik for my birthday. The Chiropractors wife while visiting her father over Christmas in Quebec, hand picked this guitar from the factor for my wife. Where: Quebec manufacturer's factory...wild, eh!

Very nice to handle, I don't have long thin fingers for ease of play so the neck on this Norman B-20 Manik is a real treat. It has a pre-amp pick up system installed from the factory. Close action of strings up the neck, which I like. I don't know if this is the right terminology, but the resonance or richness of the sound seems to always get comments from listeners...and believe me, it is not my skill or technique, (LOL), and it even sounds better when a skilled, serious talented musician picks it up!

As I had said, I had never heard of the Norman guitar...and I did get it as a gift...from my WIFE!!!!...I truely don't find any issues with this guitar...really!

I'm no lumberjack or craftsman but, I think the top and back are spruce and the sides are cherry. The neck and head are a nice mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard...don't hold me to this.

I don't know to this day what my wife paid for this guitar, and I won't's handmade, "Canadian Quality",, comfortable while producing quality sound with or without amplification.Try one before you by of course, but you won't be disappointed.

BearKatt rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-24.

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