Norman B-20 Acoustic/Electric Reviews 5

I got my NORMAn guitar in Cary, North Carolina-- a short drive from my home in Wake Forest, NC. I noticed it because my cousin had the acoustic version, and it was a good, Martin-like guitar for only $500!

AWESOME SOUND!!! It resonates wonderfully and has great volume even without a pick! When it is plugged in, it has an even better sound with a Fishman top-o-the-line pick up and their PREFIX preamp with volume, bass, mid, treble, brilliance and notch controls. It feels like silk in my hands because it has a simple Alchohol finish.

Well, it is simple, but beautiful. I would have prefered the cutaway version but it was about $100 over my budget.

Solid spruce top, cherry back and sides, mahogony neck and rosewood fingerboard. It's solid and has a light gloss on the neck but is still very smooth and silky. Its great because you can not see fingerprints at all.

I love it, and people should check these guitars out. They are made in Canada out of hardwood trees, and they are the sister line of Seagulls which are a little more expensive.

Walker rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-16.

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