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I aquired this guitar off of the internet and paid a good price,$1700, considering its usual sale price wich is around $2000. I aquired this guitar because i am very fond of Rickenbackers great tone and looks. Also because i love the beatles(my favorite band) who had many Rickenbackers.

I like this guitar a lot because of its light weight, great sound, very good sustain, and many other things. John Lennon also played this very guitar. It is only available in Jetglo and i love that color. If you compare its light weight to a Les Paul, you'll find that it,like many other rickenbackers does not put that much strain on your shoulders. It has a fast playing neck and from the very trebbly sound to the three pickups is classic. The sound you get out of this RIC is great and is very great for rythm and lead guitar. I play this guitar the most out of all ten guitars that i own at this time. No guitars i have owned in the past or other people's guitars that i have played can match up to this great guitar. In my band, i play rythm guitar. My band and i play originals and Beatles songs. Ever since i have put down my other main guitar (the Epiphone Casino)and picked up this clasic RIC, playing guitar has been a lot funner for me and the sound of the rythm has improved 100%. Now, thats not putting any other guitar down, but i'm just saying: The Rickenbacker 325 is one of a kind.

There is really nothing i dislike about this guitar...but i have heard things about people not liking it because of its 3/4 sized scale. I do not have any problem with the smaller sized scale really. I guess at first it is rather anoying, but it wasn't hard for me to get used to. If you feel that you wouldn't like a smaller guitar and a smaller scale on the fret board then i'm not sure if you would like playing this guitar. It also is rather small in actual size. But if you look on the bright side, the good definitley outways the bad. On another review i saw on this guitar(wich was obviously reviewing it just to say bad things about it because they don't know anything about guitars)somebody said that the fretboard is too close to the body or the pickups or something like that. They also said that because of that you will "tear your fingers up playing it". I disagree all of the way. The fretboard is not too close to the guitar and how could you tear your fingers up? This person obviously doesn't know anything about guitars. Another thing they said was that the strings are too far apart from the fretboard. This is yet another coment made that makes no since. The strings are at the perfect place where they should be and if they arn't, you can CHANGE that in a few seconds.

The quality of this RIC is very good. Everything on this guitar is made by Rickenbacker.

To sum it up, the Rickenbacker guitar is a great guitar and i recomend it to anybody who is willing to commit themselves to guitar. If you want to get this guitar to learn on or hang it up on the wall, then you should't buy it. On the other hand, if you are a skilled guitar player and are looking for a great guitar that produces 60's sounds and a great tone than you should.

Rabbi rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-08.

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